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Welcome aboard Voyager Project; a narrative puzzler about being alone, together, in the vast horror of space.

This cooperative experience casts two players as a recon team dispatched to Station Eos, a cold-war era science-fantasy facility hidden below the surface of Pluto, in response to a distress beacon received ten years too late.

One player, the ‘Explorer’, is the 'boots-on-the-ground’ search party; traversing Station Eos in first-person while overcoming physical challenges and threats. Their companion is the ‘Operator’, a hacker-archetype who provides support remotely from terminal interfaces inside the relative safety of an orbital pod. The Operator must monitor their teammate’s vitals, remotely control aspects of the environment and hack into the station's data archives to uncover hidden information.

The Explorer must become the Operator’s eyes and hands, as they traverse ever deeper into the derelict station. By combining their knowledge and abilities, the two players solve environmental puzzles, overcome deadly hazards and uncover a timeline of events leading up to the crew’s mysterious disappearance.

Using two networked computers, both players’ games are deeply entwined and co-dependant - making communication the cornerstone of the experience.






Andrew Anastasi Gameplay and System Engineer

Shaun Bright Lead Level Designer

Monica Flores QA Lead

Matthew Harvey Lead Programmer

Lloyd Iddles Network and Gameplay Engineer

Jessica May Art Director / 3D Artist

Josh Morris Character and Environment Artist / Animator

Nathanial Preller Technical Artist / Sound Director

Felix Strangio Producer / Creative Director

Install instructions

- Please note that Voyager Project requires two PC machines with an ethernet cable connection

- Please read the enclosed Read-Me file carefully for detailed set-up instructions


Voyager Project - PAX AUS Demo.zip 236 MB